Marshall Spall  RTC. CSIC. CTRC.

                                                        Trauma and Healing

                                                       A Comprehensive Wholistic Trauma Healing Program.


At Riverstone Trauma Healing Is for those suffering from Trauma, CPTSD, (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and Childhood Development Trauma.


Trauma affects all areas of our life, it affects our relationships. Even though some relationships will be affected to a greater degree, all our relationships can be affected. Many people are unaware that their experience is considered trauma and are quite surprised to learn that they were suffering a traumatic response.

This counselling will help you heal intergenerational and ancestral trauma, It includes healing trauma from being a Victim of violence, Sexual assails and abuse, Sexual interference, Emotional abuse, Psychological maltreatment, Neglect, Physical abuse, IPV (Intimate Partner Violence), Medical Trauma, Accidents, Trauma induced addiction or alcoholism and Childhood Developmental Trauma.


This wholistic, multi-aspect approach to healing trauma is designed within a spiritual framework that includes applied experiential healing processes such as therapeutic art,  guided-visualization, neurolinguistic programming,

energy healing, drumming, ceremony,  music,  nature,  deep emotional and somatic processing, integration, and educationally based on theories and methods of psychology, neurology, sociology, and family systems theory.

These methods uncover and release stored trauma memories and emotions as well as stored cellular traumatic memories

and nonverbal to bring rapid and effective healing into one's life Wholistic Spiritual Trauma Healing originates from a framework which acknowledges that the essence of a human being is found in the transpersonal or spiritual and that much of the pain experienced following trauma is of a deeply spiritual nature.

From a holistic viewpoint, healing trauma is one of healing your total being, which includes the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical components.


Registered  Therapeutic Counsellor RTC
Diploma In Transpersonal Psychology 
Certified Trauma Recovery Counsellor CTRC
Certified Suicide Intervention Counsellor CSIC
Grief Support Provider
Ordained Ministerial Counsellor OMC
Certified Self Awakening Spiritual Counsellor

                    Trauma-Informed Verse Trauma Specific 

 Trauma-Informed Care and Trauma Specific Treatment are two different, although related, concepts. Trauma-Informed Care is grounded in a thorough understanding of the neurological, biological, psychological, and social effects of trauma and the prevalence of these experiences in persons who seek and receive counselling services. It takes into account knowledge about trauma, its impact on the individual interpersonal dynamic, and paths to recovery. Trauma-Informed Care is not specifically designed to address symptoms, aspects, or patterns of behaviour related to trauma.


Trauma Specific recovery and healing include all of the attributes Trauma-Informed Care plus it directly addresses the impact of trauma on an individual's life facilitating a deeper level of trauma recovery and healing. It is designed to address the actual consequences and symptoms of trauma.  All trauma-specific healing models should be practiced within the context of an approach that is based upon the empowerment of the traumatized and create a feeling of safety.


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